Digital Marketing is a multi-faceted platform. It is by embracing this platform that a business begins to thrive. 



In the digital age, it is imperative to have a comprehensive understanding as to what your industry's digital audience wants. By studying the latest trends and data, I am able to create individualized marketing plans based on the wants, needs, and goals of a specific business and its clients. As each online user has their own personality, it is necessary to create that online personality for each business. This is created through social media posts, blogs, and consistent website development. It is my goal to drive results and constantly improve my understanding and knowledge of digital marketing to the advantage of my clients.  

Top marks. Abigail Smith and team get things done. She is professional and responsive and bends over backwards for clients. On numerous occasions, Abigail has taken ownership of challenges and seen them through to resolution. This quality of service is special and stands out relative to that of other local dealerships. I would easily recommend this dealership to friends.
— J. Coates, a client

How do I do it?

  • Create and develop engaging ads and website banners
  • Regularly analyze data to predict and stay on top of media marketing trends
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly SEO/SEM analytics 
  • Organize digital and non-digital events to promote brand awareness
  • Ensure original content is posted 
Analytics from a current client's Facebook page.

Analytics from a current client's Facebook page.