About Me

I am a multi-faceted digital media specialist. My career started as a photographer and doodler. Since I was young, I have enjoyed drawing and writing on every piece of paper that I could get my hands on. This has since developed into a passion for graphic design and illustration.

I am an automotive enthusiast. Spending so much time in the automotive industry has allowed me the space to further develop my skills in website and social media management, strategy, and design. I have been able to work with amazing clients to help develop their brand identity, logo, and presence in the world with custom deliverables such as stickers, brochures, and t-shirts.

For my clients, I offer multiple services including graphic design, photography, website, and social media management, unique industry related blogs, as well as other generalized copy.

When I am not designing, I can often be found, running, cooking, or exploring. I still consider myself a professional doodler- only now I’ve added a sketchbook and watercolors to my repertoire. If you’re interested in working together or just want to say hello, give a shout! I look forward to hearing from you.